airport tips

ATL Atlanta Hartsfield International (Atlanta, GA)
Likely my best airport tip: go through security in the T-gates in the North Terminal (non-Delta terminal). It's a side terminal that connects via the terminal link and there's never a line. On a Monday morning, I was through security in 3 minutes while the main security could take an hour for non-Elite members.
AUS Austin-Bergstrom (Austin, TX) URL
This is the only airport that I'd recommend spending more time at. During the day, there's live music and decent food. It's a very cool, laid back airport, much like the city itself.

Good shops with a nice selection of Texas-y things, like "Don't Mess With Texas" paraphernalia.
This is your last chance to get Shiner Bock before you leave Texas. Don't squander the chance!
MCI Kansas City International (Kansas City, KS) URL
Don't go through security until 35 minutes before your flight takes off. There are no restroom facilities, places to eat, etc. after you go through security. If you need to use the restroom, you have to go back through security.
Plan to leave very early to get to this airport. It's out in the middle of nowhere and takes a while to get to.
ABE Lehigh Valley International (Allentown, PA) URL
If you check in online and don't check a bag, you can get to the airport only 45 minutes early. You'll come in the gate level and security is generally light.
There's free wireless access here. Set your SSID to lvia.
EWR Newark International (Newark, NJ) URL
If you are parking for business travel, follow this plan.

If your flight is in Terminal C, park in the Terminal C parking lot. You can walk directly from the garage to the terminal without going outside.

If your flight is in Terminal A or B, go to Valet parking. It's only a couple more dollars a day, and your car is under a covered lot. Otherwise, you'd pay the same price for Terminal A/B parking as you do for Terminal C parking, even though A/B isn't a covered lot.
ORD O'Hare (Chicago, IL) URL
If at all possible, avoid this airport as a connection. Chicago, being the windy city, is infamous for weather delays.
If you have to go through O'Hare, try not to check a bag. Baggage handlers often have problems getting luggage to the right gate, especially when you have a tight connection (which is almost always).
PHL Philadelphia International (Philadelphia, PA) URL
If one security line is long, go to another terminal, especially if you're in Terminals B or C. All of the terminals connect behind security, though there's a bit more of a walk. In the case of Terminal F (regional jets), you'll need to take a bus to the main terminal, though you won't need to go through security again.
SFO San Francisco International (San Francisco, CA) URL
Plan to take a taxi or car service to/from this airport. Don't get a rental car unless it's absolutely necessary.

The rental car center puts you in the worst spot for the air tram access to the major terminals. I've missed a number of flights this way.
SEA Seattle-Tacoma (Seattle, WA)
If you're refilling the gas for a rental car, you'll need to take the Rt 99 exit as you take the airport exit. From there, you can get to the airport on the same road as the gas station.

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